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# 1- cheese and onion enchilada, spanish rice, bean tostada $10.95

#2- beef and bean burrito smothered in pork green chile juice, refried beans and chili con queso $11.75

#3- chili relleno, cheese and onion enchilada, spanish rice$12.95

#4 – beef stuffed sopapilla (not smothered) , chili con queso, and refried beans $12.95

#5- One beef taco, one chicken taco, spanish rice and refried beans $11.25

#6 – spanish rice, refried beans, and one cheese and onion enchilada $10.95

#7 – pork and avocado taco, chicken enchilada, and chili con queso $11.75

#8 – flour cheese enchilada, beef taco, and refried beans$12.95

#9– 3 soft shell beef tacos, and spanish rice $12.95

#10 – bean and pork corn tortilla burrito, beef stuffed sopapilla both smothered in pork green chili, and one 

bean tostada $13.75

#11 – bean and pork burrito smothered in green chili, one beef taco, and refried beans $12.95

#12 – One chili relleno, beef and bean tostada, and spanish rice $12.95

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